Protection of species

The Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG prepares assessments with reference to legal protected species and conducts surveys of animals and plants subjected to annex IV of the FFH-Directive and the European bird species.

Continuous ecological functionality measures (CEF-measures) of animals and plants include implementation, installation of new roosts as well as transplanting and initial planting of plant species or societies.

To avoid and reduce impairments of relevant animals and plants subject to legal protected species in building projects, accompanying ecological construction supervision is conducted. Compensatory measures after interventions and measures concerning the conservation of species, soil and water are supervised until implementation planning.
Concepts on protection of species for the creation of a suitable pool of measures are developed.

Project selection

Artenschutzmaßnahmen Sanierungsgebiet Kaiserpfalz Goslar (2023)
Landkreis Goslar
Biodiversität des Grünlandes - Untersuchung Vegetation, Brutvögel, Amphibien, Zikaden, Tagfalter unter verschiedener Bewirtschaftung (2023)
Stadt Braunschweig
Artenschutzmaßnahmen Bahnsteigverlängerung Bargteheide (2022)
Kreis Stormarn
Artenschutzmaßnahmen Renaturierung Schlammdeponie (2022)
Landkreis Aurich